Want to join the Track'n'Watch observation team?

  • Do you have great observation skills?
  • Do you have basic experience with video photography?
  • Do you own a smart phone less than 5 years old?
  • Do you want to earn an income from live video streaming events and incidents?
  • Join the TracknWatch Rapid Observations Group and earn money with your smartphone

ASSI International operates a worldwide network of professional observers who respond to requests from Government departments, corporations, businesses, emergency services, councils, the media and many other related industries, who require live streaming video of an event or situation. Our observers are strategically placed around the world so they can respond quickly to any request for a live stream.

Live stream from your mobile phone

Demand for on-scene live streaming has had a rapid growth and clients located across the globe can directly observe their investments, homes, businesses, assets and for a multitude of other reasons in a fast and efficient manner.

ASSI International is seeking persons who have a vehicle, a smartphone less than 5 years old, a basic understanding of video photography, and a desire to earn some additional income to work with an exciting and ever changing live streaming service. ASSI observer’s use a state-of-the-art phone app (Tracknwatch), which is designed to allow the client to track the observer to the incident location and then the client views the live stream as requested on a secure encrypted web-based map.

Clients use this live stream information to make quick assessments of a situation or event through the live streaming which they view “as it happens” Observer rates are attractive and offered to those observers who can demonstrate proficient live streaming skills and who can interact with our clients through the live streaming app.

To join the paid observations team you will need an IOS or Android cell phone no older than 5 years and a window mount that allows the phones rear camera to video through the windscreen. You will also need to have a decent data allowance with an allowance to cover excess usage if needed. This is a rare opportunity for trained observers worldwide to become involved in unique service like no other.

Of course, we cannot guarantee work, however we can give you an assurance that anyone registered as an observer will have their chance of additional work greatly increased. If you want to join us and receive paid work, please refer to the installation instructions prior to downloading the app otherwise the app may not function correctly.

You must provide a brief background of your experience and most importantly the immediate location you can cover before you will be accepted. We need to know about your background to ensure we only use the right people. Once you are registered and receive your password by email, you will be required to login to the app and send a 2-minute live stream test, which could be a video of a beach, a drive through your town or city or a walk in the park as examples. This is simply to make sure you can login and that you have some experience and know what you are doing.

Once you are logged in please push the Available or Unavailable button, so we know your status and we expect jobs to be allocated from Mid 2020. We are mindful of the current restrictions on social distancing in some countries and therefore you must be mindful of and abide by all the restrictions in your state. We have created a private and locked Tracknwatch Rapid Observations Group on facebook where we answer technical questions and discuss issues as well as publish non-confidential and non-sensitive photos and videos to assist group members. There are currently over 1100 Observers registered.

The facebook group can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2917413945005519/

You can only apply for membership to the group after you have registered on the Tracknwatch app and have agreed that you will be live streaming. We encourage anyone with observation experience to register as it costs you nothing and you may gain an additional income in an exciting and dynamic industry.

How to join

Email us directly Email: support@tracknwatch.com.au with JOINING TEAM in the subject line. If you have any questions let us know, but phone inquiries will NOT be accepted sorry.

How to get going with the app


Track'n'Watch is TracknWatch Rapid Observations Group

We deliver mobile live video streaming services from anywhere in the world using an extensive network of trained observers. With our sophisticated smartphone app, our observers live stream video and audio from a smartphone to a secure web-based monitoring console. The...